Each year, Josh Henkin, PhD, delivers 20 to 40 presentations and workshops at universities and institutes for graduate students and postdocs on aspects of professional development and career planning. A typical visit includes 1 to 2 workshops, small group sessions to discuss focused topics, and individual coaching sessions. Each visit is tailored to the key interests and needs of the target audience.

Everything is customizable, but popular topics include:

Josh regularly spends 8 to 10 hours in direct contact with students and postdocs during the course of a one-day schedule of events. Organizations may also purchase blocks of coaching time with Josh for follow-ups with trainees in the months after a visit.



“We recently invited Josh Henkin from STEM Career Services to speak to our postdocs about how to successfully apply for nonacademic positions. While I initially thought it would simply provide our postdocs with an opportunity to hear from someone other than me about tailoring resumes appropriately, I realized while listening to Josh’s presentation that I had been unintentionally only providing our postdocs with part of the picture all these years. What Josh provides is direct experience as an industry hiring manager that most of us in career services/postdoc offices do not possess. Because of the credibility that his background as both a PhD and hiring manager provides, the postdocs listened, and because of his ability to give specific examples from his firsthand experience reviewing resumes and hiring PhDs, our postdocs immediately connected with his message and were able to put into practice what I, admittedly, have often struggled to get them to do over the course of many sessions. All of us in the office agree that if you want your students and postdocs to receive high-impact training that they will immediately absorb and put into practice, inviting STEM Career Services to guide them through the process of drafting and tailoring a resume will be one of the best decisions your institution can make for its trainees interested in nonacademic careers.”

Diane M. Klotz

Director, Office of Education, Training, & International Services at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute | External Scientific Panel Member, NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) Award Program