Providing Solutions For STEM Graduates

The STEM Career Services team empowers clients with personalized career counseling that strengthens their value proposition to employers. Our dedicated team of industry veterans will help you create career goals, cover letters and resumes; teach you about in-person and social networking; help you develop interview skills and elevator pitches; and more. These invaluable skills and resources are designed to foster success throughout your career.

Why Work With STEM Career Services?

Hello, my name is Josh Henkin and I am the founder of STEM Career Services. STEM Career Services is a full-service career counseling and job-placement company that caters to clients who have earned degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. My team and I have helped thousands of clients across the U.S. learn about the variety of rewarding and challenging careers that are available to them outside of academia and how to get exciting and high-paying jobs. We’ve even begun to expand internationally. In addition to career counseling, we put on workshops, deliver webinars, host live speaking engagements and help clients find jobs through our in-house job placement service.

STEM Career Services specializes in helping early career and experienced science, technology, engineering and math graduates communicate technical and transferable skills effectively on resumes and at interviews. Like the rest of the highly qualified STEM Career Services team, I apply my skills and expertise in this area to help STEM graduates like you successfully demonstrate your value to hiring managers. In addition to having earned a STEM PhD, completing a postdoc, being awarded an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship and holding numerous jobs using my technical skills in the private sector, I also have more than 15 years of experience reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates as a hiring manager. By sharing my insights and best practices with you, I can help prepare you for job interviews by teaching you how to anticipate and plan for questions that will be asked, and I can provide you with all of the support and confidence you need to convey your amazing skills to any employer. I can also help you negotiate the best salary and compensation package, since I know how companies conduct talent-acquisition programs.

Lastly, all of the work I have done in support of career development for STEM graduates helped get me elected to the Board of Directors for the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), where I sit on the Executive Committee and serve as the nonprofit’s treasurer. The work I do with the NPA gives me rare insight into the daily lives of graduate students, postdocs and early career professionals at their institutions, and familiarizes me with the challenges they face when it comes to transitioning into their next career. No one is more qualified to help you get your next position than me and the rest of the STEM Career Services team.