Dr. Henkin’s services are both top-notch and conveniently available. I employed his services to help me determine both what I am good at and what fields I may be good at, though had never contemplated. Perhaps more valuable than his thorough knowledge of the technical field was his ability to probe and work to understand me, often asking Socratic questions that led me to delve into self-reflection that I would not have otherwise done. This is the attribute I found to truly set him apart from other advisers and that will prompt me to recommend him specifically in the future. While getting to know one’s clients is certainly helpful to both parties, I truly felt like he went above and beyond in this category and helped me find not just another job, and not just a job that relates to the skills I’ve learned, but his clever insights have led me toward a career that I will genuinely enjoy, as well as be able to financially grow within. Thank you, Josh. I hope you help many more post-millennials with finding the job they are apt to feel the best at in the long run.