Talk directly to hiring managers, security clearance officers, contracting officers and more. Don’t miss out! This rare event will give you access to all of these government consulting professionals in one room. They can help you achieve your science, technology, engineering and math career goals!

The information you will gain by attending a STEM Career Services workshop cannot be acquired through other venues or resources. You will hear firsthand from actual government consultants about how they got their jobs, what hiring managers are looking for in STEM government consultants, and what strategies you will need to start an amazing career in government consulting.
Our workshops focus on …
  • The importance of STEM-trained candidates in government consulting.
  • Where to look for jobs in government consulting.
  • Whether government consulting is the right career for you.
  • How to qualify for a security clearance.
  • How to blow away the competition at interviews.
  • How government consulting differs from management consulting and why STEM graduates find it more desirable.
  • How to transfer your academic/industry skills to those of a government consultant.
  • The importance of client interaction and which technical skills you must have to succeed.
  • What makes you a good “fit” for a company and a company a good “fit” for you.
Instructors – (link to the who we are page)
All of our courses are taught by current government consultants. You will learn by hearing actual case studies, seeing mock interviews and being exposed to the most up-to-date information about this career field.
Workshops are dynamic and interactive. We limit enrollment to ensure an intimate learning environment, incorporate role-playing and provide invaluable information to help you achieve success in this exciting career field. You will walk away with critical knowledge and have the confidence to successfully navigate the job market to your advantage.
Attendees who have completed a STEM Career Services workshop and want to pursue a career in government consulting will be invited to join our exclusive STEM Career Services Enterprise Resume Network, where they will take priority in job placement services.
This exclusive benefit will give you privileged exposure to positions with government contracting organizations that are suitable to your skills and experiences. STEM Career Services career counselors have great reach into the government community and will draw from their resources and networks to fill positions with candidates from our Enterprise Resume Network.
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