WORKSHOP: Leveraging LinkedIn – Attracting Recruiters and Finding the Best Jobs

Networking is the primary way people get their foot in the door at a company, and LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to get them there. LinkedIn is, by far, the most popular social media platform used by professionals in the workforce, as well as recruiters looking to fill open positions. It hosts millions of personal and company profiles and features a robust job board with sophisticated search filters. With tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent Pipeline, top recruiters are able to sift through hundreds of thousands of profiles to find the most appealing candidates for open positions. Thus, maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile is essential for finding a job, both passively and actively. Unfortunately, most people don’t create a LinkedIn profile until they start their job search. By then, it’s too late. Every student, postdoc and early career professional should have a LinkedIn profile and should be actively growing their LinkedIn network, so that when it comes time to start looking for a job, they have a strong network to leverage.

This workshop focuses on the following:

  • Building a strong personal LinkedIn profile
  • Learning how recruiters use LinkedIn tools to identify candidates for open positions
  • Improving the chances of being found by recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn as a networking tool
  • Using sophisticated LinkedIn searches to find companies offering jobs of interest

As a supplement to this workshop, STEM Career Services will conduct private one-on-one LinkedIn profile building/review sessions with participants so that they can make their LinkedIn profiles more attractive to recruiters and feel more confident using LinkedIn for their job searches.