WORKSHOP: Government Consulting – The Greatest STEM Career You Know Nothing About

Government consulting is a growing industry that welcomes highly skilled STEM graduates who can apply their technical knowledge in a professional setting to find creative solutions to challenging issues. This workshop focuses specifically on government consulting opportunities and is led by experts in the fields who have intimate knowledge about how to find, apply for, interview for and get hired for these competitive roles. Best practices and insider tips are shared throughout the workshop to prepare attendees for a successful transition into a dynamic and exciting career in government consulting.

Attendees will talk directly to hiring managers, security clearance officers and contracting officers, and they’ll hear firsthand from actual government consultants about how they got their jobs, what hiring managers are looking for in STEM government consultants, and what strategies are needed to start an amazing career in government consulting. They’ll hear actual case studies, see mock interviews and be exposed to the most up-to-date information about this career field.

This workshop focus on …

  • Why consulting companies seek highly skilled, technically trained STEM graduates
  • Where consulting jobs are located across the country
  • How government consulting differs from other types of consulting and why STEM graduates find it more desirable
  • Salary and benefit information
  • How to find consulting positions
  • Whether government consulting is the right career choice
  • How to qualify for a security clearance
  • Resume preparation for consulting positions
  • The interview process and best practices
  • How to transfer academic/industry skills to a job in government consulting
  • How, where and when to apply for consulting positions
  • Additional resources to help workshop attendees learn about consulting careers

As a supplement to this workshop, STEM Career Services will conduct private one-on-one career counseling sessions with participants so that they can delve deeper into government consulting, speak to security clearance officers about how to qualify for a security clearance, and much more.