One-on-One Career Counseling

STEM Career Services retains a panel of expert career mentors with invaluable experience in government consulting and diverse experience in other industries. These mentors can help you explore career options. Members of this panel host our workshops, and all panelists are available for private, one-on-one career counseling sessions. If you are getting ready to graduate from a degree program, to leave a postdoctoral research or policy fellowship, or to change careers, our career counseling might be the perfect next step for you to find a challenging and rewarding career.

Typical one-on-one sessions may cover:

  • Exploration of the numerous and exciting careers for STEM graduates beyond academia and industry.
  • Current best practices on writing resumes and cover letters – aligning your resume to a position description, mapping your skills to the specific needs of employers and understanding which critical skills to highlight and what information to leave out.
  • Networking – advice, assistance, success stories, role-playing with your mentor or third-party participants.
  • How to plan and prepare for an interview that will impress hiring managers.
  • How to align a career to your skills and interests.
  • How to find companies that fit your personal culture.
  • Salary and benefits negotiation.
  • How to start your own business.
  • And many, many other career-related tasks!

You don’t have to live in the Washington, DC, region to work with our mentors. One-on-one career counseling can take place through video chat, on the phone or in person, depending on location. We are happy to work with anyone who needs our advice and assistance.

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“I’ve been at NIH for 11 years, so it’s like a home to me. But, I’m definitely excited for this new position and am really looking forward to it. My co-workers in my lab asked how I got the position, because many of them are looking for a change, so I have a number of people that I will refer to STEM Career Services. Your advice really helped me get this job. I appreciate it greatly.”

Lisa Nolan Wright
Senior Regulatory Science Specialist at Cote Orphan, LLC