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We’ve helped thousands of clients across the U.S. find rewarding careers & high-paying jobs outside of Academia.

STEM Career Services retains a panel of expert career coaches, each with invaluable experience in consulting, biotech, pharma, federal government, nonprofits and more – all ready to help you find the perfect job.
Attending a STEM Career Services workshop will give you a competitive edge over other candidates vying for STEM jobs in the private sector or the federal government.
Our coaches have great influence in the consulting, biotech, pharma, federal government and nonprofit communities and will draw from their resources to fill positions with candidates from our pool.

STEM Career Services specializes in helping early career and experienced science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduates communicate technical and transferable skills effectively on resumes and at interviews. Because our highly experienced and capable team knows this area intimately, we are able to help STEM graduates like you successfully demonstrate your value to hiring managers and get job offers.

Josh Henkin, PhD
Identify Your Skills
Advance Your Career eBook

While skills can be identified through a variety of techniques, this eBook describes a simple and effective framework to examine your skills (macro skills) and easily identify the attributes that make you effective at the skills you possess (micro skills). Once you are able to identify the micro skills that make you effective at the macro skill you possess, you will then be able to articulate why you are uniquely qualified to do the work you currently perform, as well as to demonstrate your ability to land any job you seek from a skills competency approach. View sample pages from eBook here… 

There are numerous career development professionals to choose from; however, none compare to STEM Career Services. In choosing to work with STEM Career Services, you are working with experienced individuals who not only fully understand the industry’s current and future workforce needs, but also provide invaluable insight into successfully navigating the hiring process.

Our Process

While all of our work is tailored to each individual client, we’ve found that the majority of our clients need help in the following areas. Thus, we’ve created a dynamic and tailored 7-step process to help you find your dream job.


These are the most frequently asked questions about the career coaching work that STEM Career Services provides. If you don’t find your question answered here, just contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help!

Our Success Stories

We recognize working with a career coach requires a leap of faith. That is why we offer a free consultation to see if we can build a successful coaching relationship before you make any commitments. We want you to meet us and learn about our process and we want to meet you to understand your goals and needs for coaching. We also believe that reading about the experiences of past clients might give you a sense of what it is like to work with us and how we have helped people in a similar situation achieve their goals.

The Stories
Sheldon Bish
Josh’s consultation has greatly improved my job hunt. For over six months, I have had trouble finding the right jobs and landing interviews, but with Josh’s guidance, I’ve learned how to find jobs that fit my career goals and how to market myself to hiring managers. Thanks to Josh, I now craft superb resumes that

Sheldon Bish
Senior Scientist, New Method Development – L’Oréal USA R&D
Hamilton Clark
Dr. Henkin’s services are both top-notch and conveniently available. I employed his services to help me determine both what I am good at and what fields I may be good at, though had never contemplated. Perhaps more valuable than his thorough knowledge of the technical field was his ability to probe and work to understand

Hamilton Clark
Field Service Engineer at Plasma-Therm, LLC
Travis Dittmer

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about consulting until after I met with Josh. I am now much more prepared to find a Government Consulting job.

Travis Dittmer
Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

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